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Industry Academia Conclave

The interaction meet aims at Industry- Academia institutional tie-ups in R&D and achieving improved efficiency in production processes & allied areas. The interaction will bring out a brief proceeding on the recent paradigm changes in various sectors of industry and assist in identification of probable area and mode of interaction with academia. Representatives from industry and academia will also have an excellent opportunity to discuss the changing trends in management principles, scientific advancement and technological assimilation in industry and economy. The academia- industry collaborations would pave the way to create novel pathways to knowledge and technology transfer from academia to industries and vice-‐versa.


Dr. S M Kasture, DBT
Mob: +91 011-24365438

Dr. Prakash Itankar, VIBHA
Mob: +91 9766191818

Dr. Hemant Ritturaj Kushwaha , JNU
Mob: +91 8076369267