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Guinness World records

World record attempts have been a key part of IISF since 2015, thus encouraging science popularisation through public participation. In IISF 2015, students took a successful shot at the Guinness world record for the World’s Largest Science Lesson at IIT Delhi. In IISF 2016, at NPL, Pusa, a group of 550 students attempted the world record for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Nobel Prize-winning scientist Albert Einstein. In IISF 2017, a World Record attempt made in “Largest Biology Lesson”. 1049 students from Class 9th & 10th gathered at the venue in Chennai for this attempt. The biology lesson was delivered by the instructor followed by a demonstration and made a new Guinness record for the largest biology lesson.

Entries in the Guinness World Record serve as a motivational platform and an excellent opportunity for the young students to be part of the mega event.


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