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Global Indian Science & Technology Stakeholders’ Meet (GIST Meet)
venue - Pluto Hall,Indira Gandhi Prathishthan
date - 05-06 Oct, 2018

During the IISF 2018, an eminent group of Indian Scientists & Technocrats’ Diaspora will be invited for brainstorming sessions on the development of India. As India makes rapid economic progress, the way for inclusive development covering the larger fraction of our weaker population is crucial. This is the prime objective of this event.

Coordinating Agencies: VIBHA & DST


Ms Anju Bhalla, DST
Mob/Ph: +91 011-26516077
Shailja V Gupta, DBT
Mob/Ph: +91 011-24363748
Prof. Y K. Gupta, AIIMS
Mob/Ph: +91 98688 68457