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Face to Face with Frontiers in Science
venue - Earth Moon (2 to 5) Hall, Indira Gandhi Prathishthan
date - 07th Oct, 2018

Face to Face with New Frontiers in Science gives the higher secondary, graduation, post-graduation, research students opportunity to attend the sessions of excellencies in different fields of science and technology. Interactions with scientists and the sessions may help students to familiarize themselves with the frontiers of science and also think, dream, and work objectively, and to become a part of nation building. 

A session on careers in science and technology is intended to provide them a chance to not only feels the emerging exciting fields but also to identify their inclinations and learn about the needs of the nation and available opportunities by seasoned scientists. 

An exhibition on CPS Technologies is also to be held as part of FFNFS. 

Parallel Sessions 



The session will highlight how genomics can be a driver of holistic national development. The Keynote Speaker will describe conceptual, methodological and technological advances in genomic sciences, and will also provide real-life developmental applications of genomics. Various domains of relevance to our nation will be discussed. Each domain will be represented by a speaker from an Indian institution with deep contributions to domain knowledge using genomics, who will deliver a lecture emphasizing applications of genomics for development. After the domain-lecture, there will be a discussion on genomics as a driver of the domain. 

Time  Speaker  Topic 
10:00-11:00  Prof .Fransisco de la Vega 

Professor, Genetics and Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University, USA 


“How Genomics and Artificial Intelligence are Enabling Precision Medicine” 
11:00-12:00  Dr .ArindamMaitra 

Associate  Professor ,National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG), Kalyani 


“Genomics Drives Deep Understanding of Human Health and Disease” 
12:00-1:00  Dr .Sharmila Mande 

Chief Scientist & Head, Bio-Sciences R&D at Tata Consultancy Services, Pune, Maharashtra 


“Microorganisms: Friends or Foes? 
2:00-3:00  Dr .Swarup Parida 

Staff Scientist II, NIPGR, New Delhi 


“Crop Genomics for Food Sufficient Future 
3:00-4:00  Dr .Datta Madamwar 

Professor, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat 


“Metagenomics in Microbial Ecology: Microbial Community Structure and its Functional Implications” 
4:00-5:00  Dr.Partha P Majumder, J C Bose National Fellow and Distinguished Professor, NIBMG, Kalyani  “Genomics: What’s All This Excitement? 




This session will encompass broad disciplines of Physical, Biological, Meteorological/Climatological, Paleontological, Evolutionary and Environmental Sciences. The theme is focused on the aspects such as: Origin of life on Planet Earth, Physical and geochemical properties of Earth, Evolution of life, Climate of the past, Prediction of the future climate, Ecosystem dynamics etc. 

Time  Speaker   Topic 
09:30 – 10:20   Prof .Ashok Sahni 

Professor Emeritus 

Former Pro Vice Chancellor,Punjab University,Chandigarh 

Fragile Earth:Life and Changing Climates through time 
10:20 – 11:10  Prof .A.K. Singhvi 

Raja Ramanna Fellow
Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad  

The Societal Dimension of Geo-sciences 
11:10 – 12:00  Prof .Sunil Bajpai 

Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 


12:00 – 12;50  Dr. G. B. Pant 

Former Director, IITM  

Evolution of Climate Science from Concepts to Prediction Models 
14:00 – 14:50  Dr. Anil Bhardwaj 

Director , Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad 

Indian Planetary Missions 
14:50 – 15:40  Dr. M. Rajeevan 

Secretary, MoES  

Observed Climate Change over India 
15:40 – 16:30  Dr. SwapnaPanickal 

Scientist’E’,CCCR IITM,Pune 

Indian Monsoon in a Changing Climate 




The session will lay emphasis on latest and current endeavours in the area of Data science, Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Physical Systems (CP) and Cyber Security. 

Time  Speaker   Topic 
10:00-11:00  Prof .Praveer Biswas 

Professor, Dept. of ECE, IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal  


IoT: Developments and Research Challenges 
11:00-12:00  Prof .Ashish Gosh 

Professor and Former Head, Machine Intelligence Unit
In-Charge, Center for Soft Computing Research 

Indian Statistical Institute 


Data Science 
12:00-1:00  Prof .Sandeep Shukla 

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur  Uttar Pradesh 


Cyber Space: The Next Frontier 
2:00-3:00  Prof .Ashis Sengupta 

Professor, Indian Statistical Institute ISI, Kolkata 


Scientific Learning for Emerging Manifold Data 
3:00-4:00   Dr. Vijay Saraswat,  

Technology Fellow, Goldman Sachs, Former Distinguished Research Staff, Member of IBM/Chief Scientist of IBM Research Staff Member, IBM TJ Watson Research Lab 

“This moment in time: The extraordinary potential of AI and Interaction Media 
4:00-5:00  Prof. Ramesh Jain, 

Director, Institute of Future Health, Donald Bren Professor in Information and Computer Sciences, Department of Computer Sciences, Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, University of California 

My Health 



Career Interactive Session 

Career Interactive Session provides opportunity undergraduate students to explore the emerging fields of science and technology through interactive session with Excellencies in the same field. The speakers including the serving and retired directors of various R&D institutions will speak for 20 minutes and students will get an opportunity to interact with them for the remaining time. The 3 hour session is open to students of all level preferably undergraduate students start from 2:00 pm. 

Time  Speaker   Topic 
2:00-2:20  Dr. SK Barik 

Director, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow  




Careers in Plant, environmental and agricultural sciences 
2:20-2:40  Dr. Alok Dhawan 

Director, CSIR-Ind. Instt. Toxicology Research (IITR) 

Nanotechnology: Emerging Paradigms 
2:40-3:00  Dr. VP Kamboj 

Former Director, Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) 



Drug Development 
3:00-3:20  Dr. PK Seth 

Former Director, IITR & CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow 


Biotechnology and its applications or Biliousness opportunities. 
3:20-3:40  Dr. AK Tripathi 

Director, CSIR-Central Institute for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (CIMAP)   



Career prospects in Applied microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology 
3:40-4:00  Prof.Avinash Khare 


Professor ,Delhi University 


Plasma Science: A New Science of 21st Century 

Coordinating Agencies: BSIP, DBT, VIBHA


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